Energy Efficient & Environmentally Friendly Roofing Systems

We all want to be kind to the earth in all we do, especially as it relates to energy production and recycling.

This desire to care for our earth is not absent when it comes to roofing. There are many more quality choices than the standard asphalt shingles. It is no secret that our roofs go through a lot. With high wind, rain, hail, sleet, snow, heat, and cold, it’s a wonder our roofs survive very long. Standard asphalt shingles last about twenty years if they don’t have to weather extreme hail or wind. Many environmentally friendly roofing shingles are actually more likely to successfully weather hailstorms.

Recycled shingles are common and extremely eco friendly! Plastic, rubber, and wood are common ingredients in these “green” shingles. They can even be made from waste from domestic homes and factories. These shingles are important to purchase, because they reduce the space needed for landfills. A reputable roofing contractor like can help you locate these types of shingles. They also help reduce pollution and energy consumption. A few more pros is that these shingles don’t even look like they could be made from waste, and some come with warranties up to fifty years!

Another option is wood shingles and shakes. Wood shingles at one point were very popular, and in some parts of the country they still are. They take little energy to produce, but they are less than ideal in areas that experience frequent brush fires and forest fires. If you live in area that does not experience fires very often, however, you could buy from a company that purchases wood from old bridges, mills, water and wine tanks that were tore down and replaced with metals. This way you would be reusing wood that would otherwise be destroyed or burned.

Slate and clay tiles are one more way to roof your house in a green way. This is one of the most durable materials that you can use. These tiles will sometimes last one hundred years: longer than many of us will even live! The production and transportation of these tiles is admittedly energy consuming, but these tiles do last nearly forever. However, if it bothers you too much, many companies offer slate and clay tiles that have been salvaged from other projects.

One more option for an eco friendly roofing is metal roofing. Metal roofs tend to be more durable than roofs with asphalt shingles, often lasting for fifty years. Since these roofs are so long lasting, you will not have to replace them often, meaning there is not a lot of waste due to frequent replacements. Metal roofs are also perfect for those who like to collect rainwater for gardens or even household use. Unlike asphalt shingles, metal roofs due not mix harmful chemicals with the rainwater. Metal roofs are fire-resistant. Snow and ice easily slides off of metal roofs, though you’ll want to protect your sidewalk with snowbars most likely.

As you can see, there are so many alternatives to harmful asphalt shingles, all smart and attractive choices. Choosing these materials brings us all one step closer to a healthier and happier planet.